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    Listen: Joe Biden’s DNC Acceptance Speech Made Us Emotional

    “We have a great purpose as a nation: To open the doors of opportunity to all Americans. To save our democracy. To be a light to the world once again.”

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    On today's episode of News O'Clock, we discuss:

    1. Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden went all in on empathy during his acceptance speech.

    2. Almost two dozen wildfires are actively burning in California — and COVID-19 is affecting the state’s incarcerated firefighters.

    3. Megan Thee Stallion explained why she didn’t immediately tell the police she’d been shot.

    4. The Great British Bake-Off has finished filming its latest season, despite the pandemic!

    5. And Sen. Tom Carper had a bit of a...moment when he wasn’t able to unmute fast enough during a hearing. So we want to hear about your best/worst Zoom fails over the last few months!

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