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    WTF Is Up With All These Fireworks?!

    "People’s reasons for doing this aren’t going to be the same anywhere, but I think it’s safe to say that there are factors of protest and solidarity at play, in addition to just wanting to have a little bit of human joy."

    Stephen Maturen / Getty Images

    Fireworks explode in the sky over Lake Street on May 29 in Minneapolis.

    The date: June 11! The time: News O'Clock!

    Turns out the anti–police brutality protesters haven’t caused the coronavirus surges that some people were worried about.

    Rhode Island is dropping the word “Plantations” from its official name — oh, by the way, Rhode Island had the word “Plantations” in its official name.

    And there’s been an explosion of complaints about fireworks in cities across the country. We talked with BuzzFeed News reporter Caroline Haskins about what the hell is going on with that.

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