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    Podcast: It’s Impossible To Have A Kid And A Job In This Pandemic

    “Am I supposed to choose my livelihood and paying my bills and our mortgage, or am I supposed to choose whether my kid needs to take sixth grade this year?”

    The date: July 8! The time: News O'Clock! Listen here!

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    On today's episode of News O'Clock:

    We talk to Deb Perelman, creator of the Smitten Kitchen cooking blog, about her New York Times essay laying out how parents are being faced with a stark choice: their kids or their jobs. (Plus, we asked her to choose her top lockdown recipe suggestion.)

    Plus, we discuss today's Supreme Court ruling that the Trump administration can allow businesses to not cover birth control in their insurance plans.

    Also, Harvard and MIT are suing the Trump administration over its decision to force international students of online-only schools to transfer schools or risk deportation.

    And Casey fills us in on why Demi Lovato quit the Disney Channel.

    Oh, and we also had to talk about the new hand gesture that kids are using to pretend they're on the phone (and how old it made us feel...).

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