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    Listen: We Can Hate The Ending Of "Happiest Season" But Still Watch It Again And Again

    “I’m going to watch it again. Is it because it’s one of the only queer holiday movies? Maybe.”

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    Five women stand on a red carpet for the premiere of the movie Happiest Season
    Rachel Murray / Getty Images

    On today's episode:

    1. Scott Atlas, one of President Trump’s coronavirus advisers, resigned yesterday.

    Joshua Roberts / Getty Images

    2. Another silver monolith has been found, this time in Romania.

    A chrome monolith on top of a hill
    Inquam Photos / Reuters

    3. Actor Elliot Page, known for starring in Juno, has come out as trans in an emotional and revealing statement.

    4. Felicity Huffman has landed her first acting gig since she served jail time for her role in the college admissions scandal. And, oh yeah, it’s as the lead in an ABC sitcom.

    Medianews Group / Getty Images

    5. And finally: Everyone has some serious feelings about Happiest Season. We break it all down with BuzzFeed's Shannon Keating.


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