Listen: My Boyfriend’s Hygiene Has Plummeted In The Pandemic. How Do I Fix This?

    “I foresee a shaving/grooming kit gifted to him in the near future.”

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    2. Minnesota’s elected officials are urging citizens with absentee ballots NOT to mail them because there’s a chance they won’t be counted.

    3. The Trump administration is rolling back federal protections on Alaska’s Tongass National Forest.

    4. For the first time ever, Taylor Swift has allowed her music to be used in a political ad, and Keke Palmer released her own PSA too.

    5. Ariana Grande released her new album at midnight. And the general consensus is that it’s her filthiest yet.

    6. Plus, BuzzFeed’s resident advice-giver Stephen LaConte is back to answer more of your DM’s.

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