Listen: Gloria Allred On Her Career, Epstein, Prince Andrew, And NDAs

    “Women are finding their courage now in a way and in numbers that perhaps I didn't see at the beginning of my career. And they are understanding that they have more strength and courage to win justice than they ever realized."

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    On today's episode of News O'Clock, we discuss:

    1. Federal law enforcement officials are detaining random people on the streets in Portland, Oregon, because of...graffiti??

    2. The Trump administration claims that when it comes to forcing kids back into schools, science is on its side. But teachers are worried about going back to classrooms in the fall.

    3. An unpublished White House document warns that 18 states are in the “red zone” as far as their coronavirus cases.

    4. Fifteen women have come forward with allegations of sexual harassment while working for the NFL team in Washington, DC.

    5. Ex-employees of The Ellen DeGeneres Show say it's a toxic work environment.

    And we talk with renowned women’s rights lawyer Gloria Allred about her work defending over a dozen of Jeffrey Epstein’s alleged victims, her push to get Prince Andrew to talk to the FBI, and her stance on nondisclosure agreements in sexual harassment cases.

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