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    Listen: Former “Ellen” Staffers Have Broken Their Silence

    “Former employees told me that they want to see Ellen held accountable for having that public brand that does not match their behind-the-scenes experiences — and, according to what they said, quite the opposite, actually.”

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    On today's episode of News O'Clock, we discuss:

    1. What the heck is going on with all this discussion of "WitchTok" hexing the moon?

    2. The US has now seen an increase in its seven-day average of coronavirus cases for 41 straight days, and that’s putting more strain on the country’s support systems.

    3. A new poll shows Biden with a widening national lead, and the president didn’t exactly do himself any favors in an hourlong Fox News interview yesterday.

    4. Federal officers are still detaining people without probable cause as protests continue in Portland.

    5. After a controversial "campaign rally" this weekend, Kanye West's friends and family are reportedly concerned about him.

    And, according to ex-employees, working for The Ellen DeGeneres Show didn't exactly match up with the host’s "be kind" mantra. BuzzFeed News reporter Krystie Yandoli fills us in on what former employees told her about what goes on behind the scenes.

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