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    Listen: It’s Not About Jeffrey Epstein. It’s About The Victims.

    “What about the victims? These women are so strong. They put their faces out there to the world.”

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    On today's show, we're diving into these headlines:

    1. Protests have broken out across the country, along with waves of sadness and exhaustion, with the news that nobody would be charged for Breonna Taylor’s killing.

    2. Former RuPaul’s Drag Race contestants would like the fans to please, if they could, be less racist. That’d be great.

    3. We believe that every day should be Bi Visibility Day, and so we bring to you: our Salute to Bisexuals.

    4. And there are a lot of lurid details about the Jeffrey Epstein abuse scandal — so much so that his actual victims are often forgotten. Tara Palmeri, host of the podcast Broken: Seeking Justice, joined us to talk about her mission to put the spotlight on survivors.

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