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    Listen: Billie Eilish Is A Person, And That Should Be The End Of It

    “People were shocked she had breasts — have you met a human woman anywhere?”

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    Pool New / Reuters

    Singer Billie Eilish performs during the virtual 2020 Democratic National Convention.

    On today's episode:

    1. Rudy Giuliani’s push to embarrass Joe Biden before the election includes...texts that show how much he loves his son.

    Jim Watson / Getty Images

    Rudy Giuliani, a personal lawyer for President Donald Trump, listens as Trump speaks to New York City's police union in Bedminster, New Jersey, Aug. 14, 2020.

    2. Dr. Anthony Fauci gave his honest opinion about the country’s COVID-19 response, and the president was not a fan.

    Jonathan Ernst / Reuters

    President Donald Trump departs after addressing the coronavirus task force as Dr. Anthony Fauci stands by at the White House, March 26, 2020.

    3. Issa Rae absolutely killed it in her Saturday Night Live debut.

    NBC / Rosalind O'Connor

    4. A Zamb-, err, an ice resurfacer caught fire — what a metaphor for this year! (Seriously, you will want to see this, it's...just too perfect.)

    5. BuzzFeed News’ Scaachi Koul is on the show to talk about how people's response to a picture of a totally normal-looking Billie Eilish shows just how broken our society is.

    Gareth Cattermole / Getty Images

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