Listen: Activist’s Savage Takedown Of Police Board: “You Age Like Trash When You’re Racist”

    “Nathan, the gentleman in the vomit-colored Men’s Warehouse suit, in desperate need of Bosley and a haircut.”

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    On today's episode:

    1. Activist Keiajah Brooks created personalized insults for the Kansas City Board of Police Commissioners.

    2. As coronavirus cases surge, countries across Europe are considering reentering lockdown.

    3. Gulf states are preparing for the arrival of Hurricane Zeta — the fifth named storm to hit Louisiana alone this year.

    4. And great news for LA Dodgers fans: the team won the World Series last night! Bad News for LA Dodgers players: their COVID-positive teammate insisted on joining in on the celebration.

    5. An unwitting participant in the Borat sequel is getting some love, and cold hard cash, from fans.

    6. And BuzzFeed News’ Kadia Goba talks hypothermia and “COVID, COVID, COVID!” It’s the last week of the Trump campaign, baby.

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