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New School First Year Electives

What elective should you take your first year?

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Yay First Spring Semester!

It's that time of when to figure out what to do! Don't fret my pet! We are just as excited to help with the new semester. Did you know... your first year elective doesn't directly impact towards your major? Take the opportunity to learn something new to become more versatile before you enter your program. So check the options out and remember to be open to anything and everything as a first year!


Like 2D?

Like working individually AND as a team?

Like being in a studio AND outside?

Try Photography!

Photography can provide a literal and abstract way of perceiving life and culture. Photography is also an outlet for editing, movie film, or advertising.

It is applicable to most industries. But common are: fine art, marketing, lifestyle, fashion, food, and street.

Electives Offered:

# Analog Photography PUFY 1216

# Photo: Light PUFY 1217

# Photography: Lay of the Land PUFY 1218

# Alternative Photo Processes PUFY 1215

# Exploring Photographic Portraiture PUFY 1219


Like 2D or 3D?

Like working individually and collaboration?

Like being in a studio?

Try Fashion Electives!

Fashion is a vast industry and actually reaches across many other fields besides design. Fashion can include sewing, drawing/illustration, history, media, photography, marketing, management, writing, and more.

Electives offered:

# Digital Fabrication for the Body PUFY 1243

# Drawing The Figure PUFY 1201

# Drawing: Form & Fashion PUFY 1203

# Fashion and Culture PUFY 1235

# Soft Structures: Sewing and Construction PUFY 1242


Like 2D?

Like working individually?

Like working in the studio or gallery?

Try 2D!

# Drawing The Figure PUFY 1201

# Drawing: Design Drawing in Context PUFY 1200

# Drawing: Form & Fashion PUFY 1203

# Drawing The Imagination PUFY 1202

# Painting PUFY 1211

# Introduction to Information Design PUFY 1204

# Intro to Printmaking PUFY 1210


Like bringing flat images to a third dimension?

Like working physically and mentally?

Like working in the studio/lab/workshop?

Try 3D!

Working 3D can be achieved through many mediums such as wood, wire, fabric, plastic, or 3D printing. 3D work also requires the use of prototyping to communicate and practice ideas as well. Some fields using 3D would be Fine art, Product Design, Interior Design, Fashion, Construction, and Marketing.

Courses Offered:

# 3D Modeling Techniques PUFY 1240

# Making Meaningful Things PUFY 1244

# Product, Promotion & Packaging PUFY 1231

# Soft Structures: Sewing and Construction PUFY 1242

# Digital Fabrication for the Body PUFY 1243



Like working as a group or partners?

Like working in the classroom (and research fieldtrips)?

Do you prefer presentations, managing, and research?

Try Business Electives!

Business can apply to every industry. Learning how to go beyond your general interest also provides a strong foundation for managing a team, resourcing goals, and comprehending the logistics.

Courses Offered:

# Basic Business Structure PUFY 1250

# Business and Professional Communication PUFY 1251

# Made in New York PUFY 1236

# Product, Promotion & Packaging PUFY 1231


Like 2D?

Like working individually or in collaboration?

Like flexibility of workspace preference?

Like avoiding messy art?

Try Digital/Layout!

Digital can be a source for design or communications. Because of it's versatility, it's applicable to any industry in this modern age.

Courses Offered:

# Digital Craft PUFY 1225

# Digital Tools for Layout and Design PUFY 1220

# Explorations in Typography PUFY 1223

# Games 101 PUFY 1221

But wait! There's more!

There will be 20+ more electives soon to be added! Check back soon!


If you have more questions, make a starfish appointment with your advisor or email us Peer Advisors at

Until then...have fun and Go Learn Somethin'

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