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    23 Things Journalists ABSOLUTELY LOVE

    Journalists are a peculiar bunch. They love budget reports, FOIA requests, and these 23 things.

    Reporter's Notebooks

    Twitter: @MandyFries / Via Observer-Dispatch reporter Amanda Fries

    Journalists become packrats when it comes to reporter's notebooks.


    Via Twitter: @AmandaTrib

    Journalists live and die by their deadlines.


    Journalists collect lanyards like vets collect war medals.

    Jon Stewart

    Covering weather stories

    Whether it's rain, wind, snow or sleet, there will be some poor khaki-clad journalist out there reporting on the weather.


    A good beer and a shot is just the medicine for any journalist who just survived another treacherous day in the trenches reporting the truth.

    All The President's Men

    It was the movie that launched a thousand journalism careers. The official movie of journalism.

    Ballpoint pens

    A journalist without a pen is like a stripper without a pole.


    The food of choice for budget-conscious journalists on the go.


    Via Scott MacDonald

    Journalists have convinced themselves they look good in fedoras.

    Social media

    Yes, journalists get paid to tweet and Facebook.

    Post-it Notes

    You're not a journalist until your desk is covered in yellow Post-it Notes.

    The Wire

    David Simon is a god amongst journalists

    AP Stylebook

    Election Day Pizza

    Election Day is a pillar of democracy. It also means free pizza in newsrooms across the country.

    Hate-watching "The Newsroom"

    Because it's about journalism, journalists are compelled to watch it, despite it being a piece of shit.

    Responding to readers' emails

    Journalists racked up $40,000 in college debt so any reader with an internet connect can tell them they don't know shit about shit.


    A good editor will threaten to quit to defend a journalist and threaten to fire the same journalist – all in a single day.

    Breaking News

    The adrenaline journalists get from rushing out of the newsroom to get to the scene of breaking news almost makes the low pay worth it.

    Inverted Pyramids

    Free food

    Hosting a boring informative meeting, press conference or ribbon cutting ceremony? Not sure if anyone from the local paper is going to make it?

    To boost your odds of having a reporter show up have free food. Journalists like free food.


    Local news

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