40,000 People Turned Out In Boston To Protest A Right-Wing Event

A day ago Only a few dozen supporters of the right-wing “Free Speech Rally” turned up.

Police Forces Are Sending A Message To Black Suburban Residents: You’re Not Wanted

BuzzFeed Staff

3 months ago Places like Troy used to be lily-white, and most of their police departments still are. That’s a problem for the black and brown people moving from big cities like LA and New York in search of quieter places to raise families.

The Wreckage Of The USS Indianapolis, Missing For 72 Years, Has Just Been Found

By Lissandra Villa | a day ago

Billionaire Paul Allen, a Microsoft co-founder and philanthropist, announced his team found the wreckage of the USS Indianapolis, a WWII ship used to…

“We often talk about the inherent dangers of police work, but tonight those dangers were all too real for these officers.”

Canada’s ultraconservative Rebel Media may be falling apart, but America’s alt-right movement could provide a warm welcome to its alumni.

Two of this years honorees had said they would not attend any White House events in protest against Trump’s politics.