Republicans’ Final Tax Legislation Is Out, And It Looks Like It Has The Votes To Pass

15 hours ago The bill, which is similar to what passed the Senate earlier this month, changed enough to pull in two key votes.

Police Forces Are Sending A Message To Black Suburban Residents: You’re Not Wanted

BuzzFeed Staff

6 months ago Places like Troy used to be lily-white, and most of their police departments still are. That’s a problem for the black and brown people moving from big cities like LA and New York in search of quieter places to raise families.

Two More Undocumented Teens Say The Trump Administration Is Blocking Them From Getting Abortions

By Zoe Tillman | 13 hours ago

The American Civil Liberties Union filed court papers late Friday on behalf of two pregnant 17-year-olds in US custody who claim the federal…

Mario Batali Apologized To His Fans For Sexual Harassment, Then Suggested Pizza Dough Cinnamon Rolls

By Claudia Koerner | 13 hours ago

Batali is facing accusations that he habitually sexually harassed women in the restaurant industry.

A Chain Of Private Psychiatric Hospitals Has Been Accused Of Failing Vulnerable Young Patients

By Patrick Smith | 6 hours ago

The Cygnet Health Care chain of hospitals has been found to have taken inadequate steps to ensure a safe and satisfactory environment by official…

My beliefs as a conservative evangelical teenager were dogmatic and fervent — until they weren’t. Now I know there was never any place in that faith tradition for someone like me.

Peter Strzok and Linda Page weren’t critical of only Trump in text messages that were released this week under disputed circumstances by the Justice Department.

A special agent investigating the 2014 armed standoff in the Nevada desert accused his agency in a letter of vast misconduct and possibly withholding evidence.

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