Trump Names H.R. McMaster As New National Security Adviser

An hour ago He also announced Monday that Keith Kellogg will be National Security Council chief of staff.

The Woman Students Call When They’ve Been Raped On Campus

BuzzFeed Staff

A week ago After reporting that her college teammates had raped her, Laura Dunn could have stayed in the shadows. Instead, she drove a movement.

Britney Spears Deserves Better Than That Lifetime Movie

By Pier Dominguez | an hour ago

The pop singer’s artistry continues to be overlooked.

The Russian Ambassador To The UN Has Died Unexpectedly In New York

By Tamerra Griffin | 3 hours ago

Vitaly Churkin, 64, died after suffering a cardiac arrest this morning.

National Security Council Aide Fired After Criticizing Trump At A Private Event

By Tamerra Griffin | 4 hours ago

Craig Deare was let go from his position and reassigned Friday after reportedly making disparaging comments on Trump’s policies in Latin America.

Yiannopoulos denied defending child sex abuse and blamed the controversy on “sloppy phrasing” or “deceptive editing.”

In a letter to the secretary of Homeland Security, Sen. Wyden said the search of smartphones at the US border circumvents the Fourth Amendment.

“Once in recovery I was able to start asking ‘Is this me or Anna talking?’” Warning: This post contains sensitive images related to eating disorders.