Touching Photos Show Protesters Celebrating After Dakota Access Pipeline Victory

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A half hour ago After it was announced Sunday that the Dakota Access Pipeline would be rerouted, protesters who had fought for months to stop oil from flowing near a Native American reservation were seen cheering and hugging.

The Tribe That’s Suing The US Government To Keep Its Promises

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2 weeks ago In a landmark lawsuit, the Rosebud Sioux tribe is suing its government-run hospital for failing to provide the free health care that they say has been promised since 1868. The feds, in turn, argue that they actually have no legal…

Here's What It Was Like Inside The Deadly Oakland Warehouse Party Fire

By Stephanie M. Lee | 21 hours ago

As many as 40 people are feared to have died after the blaze at the artists warehouse in Oakland, California, on Friday.

A Brutal Dictator Has Fallen And His Former Butler Is Celebrating

By Monica Mark | 10 hours ago

Gambia has witnessed the defeat of its president Yahya Jammeh, who ruled the country for more than two decades, crushing dissent and eliminating his…

Jill Stein Changes Plans, Aims To Take Pennsylvania Recount Request To Federal Court

By Chris Geidner | a day ago

Update: After deciding Saturday afternoon to end their state-court request for a statewide recount in Pennsylvania, Jill Stein’s campaign…

Matteo Renzi’s resignation comes after constitutional reforms he backed were rejected in a referendum on Sunday.

“He’s the leader who guided us to the revolution and gave us everything that we have right now,” said a 17-year-old student, who was celebrating the life of Castro.

“We set out to find her, trap her, and thank her.”