White House Says Syria May Be Preparing Another Chemical Attack, Warns Assad Will “Pay A Heavy Price”

3 hours ago Five US defense officials said they did not know where the potential chemical attack would come from and were unaware the White House was planning a statement.

Teen Girls Tried To Stop Austin Jones In 2015

BuzzFeed Staff

12 hours ago “People didn’t take it seriously enough back then. So many people defended him, saying, ‘It’s just a dance! This isn’t a big deal.’”

Health Care Cuts Will Increase Odds Of Dying For The Uninsured, Medical Review Predicts

By Dan Vergano | 9 hours ago

For every 1 million people who lose health insurance, about 1,300 people nationwide could die early, according to an Annals of Internal Medicine…

Can Uber Convince Silicon Valley's Best To Be Its New CEO?

By Priya Anand | 10 hours ago

Uber will have to answer some tough questions as it woos CEO candidates.

DeMario Jackson Says Corinne Olympios Was The "Aggressor"

By Kate Aurthur | 3 hours ago

In his first sit-down interview about Bachelor in Paradise, Jackson told his side of what happened during filming — and said a producer tried to…

“I know he’s the most hated man in America,” one prospective juror said.

Jared Kusher has reportedly hired veteran white collar defense lawyer Abbe Lowell as his new personal counsel.

An investigation by the Office of Inspector General found no evidence that National Park Service staff scrubbed records or leaked information to media.

The justices agreed to hear the federal government’s appeal of the challenges to the executive order. A quick turnaround that will allow the travel and refugee ban to be enforced against those without a connection to people or groups in the US.