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    The 13 Best Organizing Moments Of 2013

    Progressive organizers fought, and won, a lot this year. Take a moment to pat yourself on the back, these are moments to be proud of.

    1. Love wins

    From the Supreme Court to the states the long fight for marriage equality took a big turn in 2014. Adding just this year Rhode Island, Delaware, Minnesota, California, Hawaii, Illinois, and New Mexico to the list of marriage equality states.

    2. Operation Butterfly

    DREAMers fighting for immigration organized to put a face on immigration reform in what was called "Operation Butterfly." United We Dream worked to reunite DREAMers with their parents who are trapped on the other side of the border. A powerful and amazing piece of organizing that landed them front page coverage on the New York Times and helped push comprehensive immigration reform through the Senate.

    3. Moral Mondays in North Carolina / Via Flickr user twbuckner

    When right-wing legislators targeted voting rights, women, and families across the state with extreme legislation the people fought back -- flooding the capitol and engaging in civil disobedience that drew national coverage to these attacks.

    4. #StandWithWendy / Via Stand Withy Wendy Facebook Page

    Back brace and all, State Sen. Wendy Davis of Texas held the floor for 11 hours to delay an extreme piece of anti-choice legislation -- creating a national moment and giving a spark to the movement for women's rights.

    5. Fast Food Strikes

    In a series of nationwide strikes workers have risen up and drawn national attention to the poor working conditions, pay, and benefits at fast food establishments across the country.

    6. Dream Defenders Fight "Stand Your Ground" / Via Dream Defenders Facebook Page

    For 31 days and 30 nights the Dream Defenders occupied the Florida state capitol demanding a special session from the Governor.

    7. Filibuster Reform

    What started as a slow drum beat from the Netroots in 2005 ended with the Senate acting to reform the filibuster this year -- ending its use on presidential nominees.

    8. Bill de Blasio Runs as a Progressive for NYC Mayor... and wins / Via Bill de Blasio Twitter Account

    Running on a platform of income inequality and ending stop-and-frisk he was the first Democrat elected New York City mayor in two decades.

    9. Colorado Local Power Campaign

    View this video on YouTube

    Via New Era Colorado

    New Era Colorado's campaign against Xcel energy went viral, raising almost $200,000 (with an initial goal of $40,000!) to fund their grassroots organizing around the creation of a local electric utility based on renewable energy.

    10. Fast For Families / Via Fast for Families Facebook Page

    Faith, immigrant rights, and labor leaders fasted for immigration reform on the National Mall. They stayed out there every day and night, abstaining from all food -- except water -- to move the hearts and compassion of members of Congress to pass immigration reform with a path to citizenship.

    11. Minimum Wage Fights / Via SEIU

    Across the country workers stepped up to fight for a higher minimum wage with victories in Washington DC and SeaTac where the highest minimum wage in history of $15 was passed by the voters.

    12. No More Names / Via Mayors Against Illegal Guns

    Americans across the country banded together to hold accountable the members of Congress who refused to hold a vote on background checks. The nationwide bus tour culminated with the reading of the names of the 3,300 men, women, and children who have been killed by guns since the tragedy in Newtown, Connecticut.

    13. Forward on Climate / Via Sierra Club

    The #ForwardonClimate rally against the Keystone XL pipeline brought 35,000+ people to Washington DC to pressure the President. While no action has been taken yet on Keystone, the President did release his Climate Action Plan which included the first uniform, national limits on the amount of carbon pollution a future power plant can emit.

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