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    The 13 Best Organizing Moments Of 2013

    Progressive organizers fought, and won, a lot this year. Take a moment to pat yourself on the back, these are moments to be proud of.

    1. Love wins

    2. Operation Butterfly

    3. Moral Mondays in North Carolina

    4. #StandWithWendy

    5. Fast Food Strikes

    6. Dream Defenders Fight "Stand Your Ground"

    7. Filibuster Reform

    8. Bill de Blasio Runs as a Progressive for NYC Mayor... and wins

    9. Colorado Local Power Campaign

    View this video on YouTube

    Via New Era Colorado

    New Era Colorado's campaign against Xcel energy went viral, raising almost $200,000 (with an initial goal of $40,000!) to fund their grassroots organizing around the creation of a local electric utility based on renewable energy.

    10. Fast For Families

    11. Minimum Wage Fights

    12. No More Names

    13. Forward on Climate