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10 Lies Your Parents Definitely Told You So You'd Eat Veggies

"Eggplant makes you better at video games."

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1. "If you eat carrots, you can see in the dark."

2. "Greens will make you as strong as a superhero."

3. "This green smoothie has invisible ice cream in it."

4. "Second helpings of salad makes your brain grow."

5. "If you're good, sweet potatoes are a 'dessert' you can eat with your dinner."

6. "You'll be a monkey bar champion if you finish your Brussels sprouts."

7. "I can see you growing taller after each bite of broccoli."

8. "Spinach makes your skin glow in the dark."

9. "If you eat enough kale, your feet will grow webs so you can swim like a fish."

10. "Eggplant has a special ingredient in it that makes you better at video games."

Add Newman’s Own dressing to your child's salad for a sensational flavor!

All animations created by Lyla Ribot / BuzzFeed.