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10 Clever Tips For Creating A Vegetable Garden That Will Last

This time around, you'll definitely get it right. And when those beautiful greens sprout, add Newman's Own delicious dressing.

1. Soak your seeds in warm water overnight before sowing them.

This will give your seeds an added boost so that they have a better chance of sprouting.

2. And test old seeds before planting them.

You should test older seeds before you plant them so you don't lose precious warm weather waiting on vegetation that isn't going to sprout.

3. Sprinkle cinnamon on your soil for a natural fungicide.

Cinnamon wards off algae and promotes seedling stem production.

4. And add eggshells!

Eggshells will add minerals (especially calcium) to the soil for a stronger, healthier plant.

5. Plant herbs using leftover trimmings.

Here is a great tutorial to help ya.

6. Set up a drip irrigation if you don't have time to water for a weekend.

Click here for an easy and inexpensive drip irrigation method.

7. Create traps to catch pesky aphids.

Aphids can quickly ruin new plants. To rid your garden of them, coat plastic cups with Vaseline -- full instructions here.

8. And buy some ladybugs to take care of your whiteflies.

Ladybugs eat up to 1,000 whiteflies a day -- let Mother Nature take care of your pest problem!

9. Sprinkle cayenne around your prized veggies to ward off squirrels and mice.

Squirrels and mice won't like the spice, so they'll think twice before they put those tiny paws around your heirloom tomatoes.

10. And make sure to plant a cover crop to save your garden during the winter months!

Plant some rye, vetch, oats, or buckwheat -- each will add nitrogen to your soil which will help protect your garden throughout the winter months.

Toss your fresh grown veggies with Newman's Own dressing for a sensational salad!

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