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20 Reasons Why Newfoundland Is Awesome, And Weird.

Although we’re confined to a rock with horrible weather, we have the best people to be stuck with. I’m a Newfoundlander born and bred, and i’ll be one till i die.

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2. The circle of life taking care of our moose population

Because of course this makes sense, only in Newfoundland.

3. Translators necessary.

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With our accents, fast paced talking, and the Newfinese slang, concentration is necessary when having a conversation.

6. Maybe this is why we're kind of backwards?

With a half hour time zone (There are only 10 places in the whole world with one) it makes us unique, but our television shows/events all start at odd times

8. We can be very hospitable, until it's too much.

We make houses for cats, 200 cats to be exact.

10. And us Newfies know how to respond.

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at 0:23 Mark Critch does the world a huge favour.

12. 70 kms per hour? That's barely a breeze by!

In fall, When newfoundland has its “hurricane” season, and the local stations predict 100+ kms/hr. We don’t understand how that day is different from any other day.

13. We can make you honorary Newfies!

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Kissing a cod isn't as odd as you think down here.

19. Breaking news in Newfoundland.

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Classic evening news

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