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How To Wear The Right Golf Apparel

How To Wear The Right Golf Apparel at Florida golf schools

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Step 1

Dress for comfort, but pay attention to style. Let's say you're a woman who likes to wear short, tight skirts to show off your beautiful figure. Such dress is inappropriate on the golf course because it will be uncomfortable, restricting the various movements your body must make throughout the day. You will tire faster, and it might even raise your score.

Also, your focus should be on your golf game and not on the opinions of others. In choosing an appropriate outfit, make sure that the colors of one garment do not clash with those of another. You will enjoy your golf game more if you observe the dress code of the course you are playing. For instance, most of them insist you wear a shirt with a collar, and pants with belt loops and a belt.

Step 2

Choose golf shoes that fit you well because you could walk as many as six miles in the average 18-hole round. Nothing could be worse than developing blisters from a pair of golf shoes that don't fit. Also, the golf course may specify that you wear golf shoes with so-called "soft spikes" that are made of hard rubber, rather than regular golf shoes with spikes made of metal. Many courses have found that shoes with metal spikes damage the greens, and have outlawed them.

Step 3

Find a hat that works for you and wear it on the golf course. An overwhelming percentage of touring professionals wear a hat or visor to cut down on the sun's harmful rays, and to help them see their target better in bright sunlight.

Step 4

Make sure that you are prepared for bad weather. "Into one's life some rain must fall," and occasionally that happens on the golf course. Besides carrying an umbrella, think about buying comfortable rain pants and a rain jacket in case of a downpour. It rarely happens that a rainstorm takes place right next to the clubhouse. You will thank yourself for having the foresight to be prepared.

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