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35 Reasons Why You Need To Get To Know Neville Longbottom The Corgi

With over 16,000 new friends on Facebook and Instagram in over 40 countries, as well as featured posts by the Huffington Post, Petco, and DogsofInstagram - 6 month old Welsh Pembroke Corgi Neville Longbottom is a corgi worth knowing. Find out why!

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1. Because He Couldn't Help But Smile on his Gotcha Day

Neville knew he was headed to the best forever home in early October when he made the trip from the Pittsburgh area to his new home in Syracuse, NY. He didn't realize the impact he was about to have, but he knew that finding a forever home was worth smiling about!

4. Because He Knows When to Stop and Marvel at Nature

The first time he saw snow, Neville knew enough to stop and gaze upon the miracle of nature he was witnessing. Looking angelic when he did it was only a side effect.

6. Because He Knows It's Important to Celebrate the Holidays

Neville celebrated his first Christmas in style, with a gorgeous smile and a sharp Christmas sweater! Neville knows that Christmas is a time for family, good cheer, and cherishing everything you have.

8. Because He Knows To Question His Surroundings

Neville is a friendly little pup, but he also believes in exercising caution and being completely sure before he trusts something.

Don't try to pull one over on Neville. He may be loving and friendly, but gullible he is not!

9. Because He Is There For You

Neville knows you might be going through some stuff right now, and that's ok. He's willing to listen to every detail while you unwind over a glass of wine. Maybe take a bubble bath? You deserve it. Neville will be here for you when you get back. Tell him everything.

11. Because He Believes in Harmony Between Dogs and Cats

Neville Longbottom is nothing if not an ambassador for peace and will work tirelessly for dog and cat harmony throughout the world.

Here he is with his sister. It took awhile but he finally won him over with his tireless charm and corgi wit.

12. Because to Neville, Fear is Only a Four Letter Word

Neville is a fearless Corgi Warrior and will stare down dogs ten times his size. He used his guile to calm this massive Saint Bernard and turned him in to a cuddly best friend. All in a day's work for Neville.

13. Because He Knows His Brother Has His Back

Neville is a dog of the people. He will shake hands (PAW!) and kiss babies all day long. But just in case he got on someone's bad side, he thought ahead and got himself some protection in the form of his 105 pound German Shepard Mix brother.

16. Because He Stays Warm When Hunting for Wabbits

Neville is a friend of all animals, but the minute he put this hat on he felt an overwhelming desire to hunt for wascally wabbits.

His short legs preclude him from being an effective hunter. Which is fine by him, he's a lover at heart.

17. Because He Was the Cutest Dragon

Neville will humor those around him, even if he doesn't necessarily feel like being a dragon today, thank you very much. He does not covet gold like Smaug, nor is he trapped across the narrow sea with the mother of dragons. He's here and he loves you.

19. Because He Isn't Afraid to Rock the Bowtie

Neville Longbottom is comfortable at any level of dress, but if you need to go to a black tie affair, he is ready to impress at a moment's notice. As a bonus, he will represent his homeland in the process.

We're sorry, Queen Elizabeth, but Neville already has a forever home.

20. Because He Talks Walks in Style

Neville understands that leashes and collars are nice, but he also knows that walking in a bow tie is true gentlemanly behavior.

Neville knows that it never hurts to dress up. You never know if you will run in to any lady corgis while going about your business.

24. Because He Doesn't Mean It When He Pledges Adorable Vengeance

Neville gets dirty like any other dog. He doesn't necessary like bath time and he may be currently pledging vengeance in this life or the next.

Good news, though, he's a benevolent dog and doesn't hold grudges.

28. Because He Wants to Spend Time With You So Much He Will Fight Sleep

Neville loves spending time with his animal and human friends so much that sometimes he doesn't want to go to sleep. He will struggle to spread more love in the day before he finally succumbs.

31. Because He Wants You Awake

Neville wants to see you every morning! He is sorry that he will go right back to sleep within 5 minutes, but he hopes those 5 minutes with him were worth getting out of bed.

(Spoiler Alert: They are).

33. Because He is a Great Singing Coach

Neville isn't afraid to teach his big brother (or anyone else) how to properly belt out the tunes with emotion. If you need to make regionals or charm an audience, Neville might be the dog you want to call.

34. Because He's a Fashion Plate

Blue Steel? Le Tigra? Magnum? No matter. He's ridiculously good looking and he's not afraid to show it. Now if you'll excuse him, he has a post funeral after-party to attend.

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