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6 Ways You Can Create A Healthy Relationship With Your Technology

Posting, Tweeting, Instagraming and Snapping are some of the many joys of life... but if you're feeling a little over updated these tips will help you unplug. Don't worry, your feed will be there when you get back!

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We all love our phones and social media and the awesome benefits they bring (what else would you be up to at 2 am?!). But sometimes we get too much of a good things and it leaves us with some nasty side effects like anxiety, insomnia, low self-esteem, and trouble with concentration and in person connection, never mind the more embarrassing run ins.


Luckily some quick fixes may help! These tips will help you manage your tech time and make peace with your newsfeed FOMO.

1. Reduce Your Multitasking

As stealth as you think you are finishing that text off under the table, you're really missing out on face time (no, not FaceTime). Beyond leaving your friends feeling second best, you're missing the satisfaction of whatever activity you happen to be up to. Schedule some phone time to check in, and then hit that silence button to fully enjoy your off time.


Unless you've mastered this ocular trick, let's put the phone down.

2. Get An App To Get In Control

There's quite a few apps out there designed to help monitor your screen time and remind you to practice moderation.

Consider trying the BreakFree app, which not only tracks your phone time, but helps you set usage goals, has disabling features and even subtle notifications for times when you're going overboard.

BreakFree is available on Android and iPhone.


Maybe she tweeted her vows.

3. Set Boundaries And Expectations

Many of us incorporate work into our social media, which provides big benefits for convenience, but makes time off work feel a little less... off. Consider setting strict boundaries for if and when you respond to work messages on social media. These boundaries can be extended to friends expecting instant replies too, and can help avoid some seriously hurt feelings.

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4. Keep Screens Away From Bedtime

The blue light your screen emits mimics sunlight, telling your brain it's time to wake up not wind down. If cutting out this light before bed is out of the question (my twitter feed is my bedtime story) then consider picking up a pair of fancy yet cheap blue light blocking glasses on Amazon. They'll up your PJ game to hipster chic and let your brain shut off before your head hits the pillow.

Pillow or cat, whichever you prefer.

5. Consider A Digital Vacation

Taking a time out on your tech can reduce a lots of stress and anxiety caused by online action. Even a week of social media suspension can give you the time you need to evaluate what you want to get out of your tech and what digital nightmare you want to leave behind.

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I heard vacation!

6. Avoid Comparisons

Social media is usually a highlight reel of your life. So every time you check in online and see the hot selfies and cool activities your friends are up to, you can be left feeling disconnected to your everyday ups and downs and maybe even insecure and anxious. Checking in on the life comparisons you make with the online lives of your friends is a key way to keep your relationship with technology healthy.

Another cool way to keep your social media down to earth is to check out some awesome accounts reppin' real life. Check out Eff Your Beauty Standards on Instagram to fill your feed with some body diversity in all shapes, sizes, colours and genders.

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Bey always says it best.


There's no need to quit your favourite tech all together, but a little mindfulness and moderation can go a long way in making you feel digitally balanced. Happy posting!

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