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  • Get Married By A Robot In The USA!

    Of course Japan would be the first in robot marriage, but the first American couple added unique style to further compliment their unique wedding. Playing Europe’s “The Final Countdown” on his entrance, the robot named “Father Emiglio” delivered snappy banter with his co-human minister and played the Starland Vocalband’s “Afternoon Delight” as the couple shared their first kiss. <3

  • Need A Lawyer? Call Dracula, Wolfman & Frankenstein - Monster Attorneys At Law!

    BOO! The legal world is scary and can be downright monstrous. You need an attorney who is both unafraid of the law and can frighten any judge into a verdict in your favor. This is what Dracula Wolfman & Frankenstein specialize in - monster attorneys at law! ****ATTENTION ALL MONSTER ATTORNEYS!**** We are always on the lookout for spook-tacular new talent! If you are a monster in the San Fernando Valley area looking for a competitive salary, excellent benefits and a generous 401(k) package, please send all resumes to monster.attorney.info@gmail.com with an attention to Blair Witcher in Unhman Resources. NO ZOMBIES, NO EXCEPTIONS!

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