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20 Awesomely Eerie Pictures Of The Wild West Today

If you build a gold mine, they will come. But once that gold is gone, they're probably going to leave. Check out this spooky roundup of two towns that once shined as bright as Vegas does today. See more from our Greetings from Nevada road trip on the official Nevada Feed.

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1. Goldfield

Gold was first discovered in Goldfield in 1902 and it quickly became the largest town in Nevada. In 1906, 20,000 people called Goldfield home. Today its population hovers around 250. So, what happened between then and now? In 1923 a moonshine planted exploded and burned down just about every building in town. The mine dried, and the people jumped ship. Rumor has it, however, that a new mine will begin operating outside of town next year.

11. Rhyolite

An estimated 5,000 people lived in the town of Rhyolite in 1907. Today, not so much. Gold was first discovered in the Rhyolite area in 1905 by Frank “Shorty” Harris and Ernest “Ed” Cross. Once word spread, the town boomed. Within two years, hotels, schools, and banks were built. Electricity, water lines, and telephones were installed. Sadly, Rhyolite crashed just as quickly as it rose. By 1920 the Rhyolite population dropped to zero. Here’s what’s left today.