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11 Beauty Tips To Release Your Inner Guru

There's a guru just waiting to get out. Help your inner guru shine with these easy beauty tips from Neutrogena.

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2. Prevent blotchiness:


Exfoliating regularly evens out the skin tone and creates a smooth surface for makeup. Be mindful to use a scrub and a technique that is not too harsh — you don't want to damage your skin and remove healthy layers too.

Something you don't know: Start the process before getting in the shower. Brushing dry skin will get rid of the dead cells that are already loose.

3. Make your eyes appear bigger:

Lining your bottom water line with white eyeliner gives the illusion of bigger eyes, so you'll be all: *blink blink* "Who, me?" This trick can be used in a subtle or more dramatic way.

4. The hairstyle that keeps on giving:

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A crown braid does so many good things for your hair; it helps extend the time between blowouts — giving your hair a break from heat — and sets you up for a great second-day look when you take it out to reveal big, wavy curls.

7. Remove glitter the easy way:


No more struggling. Dip a cotton ball in nail polish remover, place it on your nail, then secure with tin foil. Let your nail sit like that for one to two minutes, then remove — the glitter should slide off your nail easily.

8. Cover up dark under eyes:


Dabbing concealer just under the eye can fail to fully cover dark circles. By extending the lighter shade in a triangular shape down the cheek, the color blends in a more natural fashion, instantly making you appear more awake.

11. Easy guide to contouring:

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Think of contouring in the shape of the letter E. You start at your temple, sweep down to below your cheekbone, and then sweep back and under your jawbone.

The best beauty tip is to keep your skin hydrated. Neutrogena has you covered with NEW Neutrogena Hydro Boost. Locks in moisture for everyday, healthy-looking skin.