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I Tried A Light Mask To Treat My Acne

Because robots have great skin.

Polar bears have transparent fur. Michael Bublé has sold 30 million records. Some thirtysomethings, far beyond adolescence, still suffer from persistent acne. Three perplexing statements, each of them true. The third is the one that best represents me, a lightly pimpled 31-year-old, making me a sterling candidate for Neutrogena’s Visibly Clear Light Therapy Mask & Acne Spot Treatment.

Here I am enjoying the *trillennial* looking device you’ve likely clocked on a bus-side recently.

The Spot Treatment is the mask’s slimmer, compact cousin, a waveable wand that uses the same acne-fighting principles.

Obligatory "before" shot

To recap, what ails me is a mix of active acne and residual blemishes – a real textural funhouse. Pretty much all of this is localised to my inner cheeks, which, if you’re a glass-half-full person, makes for some rather neat and organised acne.

Let us now unveil my findings.

First things first: The idiosyncrasies of acne are the reason Visibly Clear will work differently on everyone. And perhaps because my acne is hormonal, I wasn’t able to benefit from the bacteria-nuking blue light as much as the red. In other words, I didn’t really notice the life cycle of my pimples being shorter while using the two products. Blue light might better suit a more conventional type of acne, the type that comes to a quick, neat head.

However, I was chuffed with the effects of the red light. Day one shows some particularly uncomfortable inflammation, a blessing bestowed by a new cyst. However, by day three, the area was much calmer, and by day five, it was several shades less scarlet. These gargantuan ones are typically pretty red and inflamed for up to a week, so this result was pleasing. Another bunch of smaller, cowardly pimples on my cheek that probably won’t ever front up to heads also seemed placated by the blue light.

All images by Mel Kenny/BuzzFeed

Conclusion: This mask and its complementary Spot Treatment seemed like a good avenue for reducing my redness and inflammation quickly. Let's see how it works out over the longer term!

In the meantime, here's links for the Neutrogena Visibly Clear Light Therapy Spot Treatment pen and mask I tried.

Always read the label. Use only as directed.