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11 Beauty Problems You Always Have In The South

Wouldn't you love just ONE day without humidity hair?? Tune in to the Nashville All Day Beauty series with Hayden Panettiere for a glimpse inside her Nashville life and tips on how to stay beautiful in those pesky southern conditions.

1. Never being able to decide which cowgirl hat bests describes you.

2. Mosquito attacks making your beautiful gams itch all day.

Wanted to wear a cute dress today? Nope, sorry, you have exactly 103 swollen mosquito bites on your legs.

3. Bug spray turning you into a sticky monster.

4. Humidity making your hair a frizzy mess.

5. Unexpectedly getting mud all over yourself.

6. Living in a perpetual hair spray cloud.

7. Being sweaty. All. The. Time.

8. Giving up on your cleanse because holy cow, the food!!

9. Getting BBQ sauce all over your clothes.

10. Accidentally picking jean shorts of the wrong length.

11. Constantly getting knots in your hair.

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