10 Major Benefits Of Being Somewhere New

A fresh start doesn’t have to be so scary, if you can look on the bright side of things no matter how hard you are. See how Johnny is still getting used to his new life abroad while sticking to his old ways when the new season of the Netflix Original Series Lilyhammer premieres December 13.

1. You’re free to pick up a whole new set of hobbies without judgment.


2. There’s plenty of opportunity to make new friends among the natives.

3. You can take unexpected fashion risks.


4. You can let your true self shine right off the bat.

Netflix / Via tumblr.kondoid.com

5. The only language you need to know to initially get by is “smile” and “nod.”


6. Going back to basics can be very refreshing, though.


7. If your jokes flop, who cares?


8. You learn a whole new set of celebrations and customs.

Netflix via BBC / Via thedogmeister.tumblr.com

9. You can plant the seeds for a fresh new family tree.


10. No one has to know what’s hiding behind your smile.


Catch up with Johnny and the nuances of his new life on the second season of Lilyhammer, coming to Netflix on December 13.

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