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14 Things You Learned About America From Watching "Gilmore Girls"

Like how to make a great punch. ;) Find out what happens next in Stars Hollow with Gilmore girls: A Year in the Life, a four-part event now streaming only on Netflix.

1. Americans talk fast. Like really fast.

2. But maybe that's because they seem to run exclusively on coffee.

3. They speak in pop culture references all the time.

4. Sometimes you need an US Weekly just to translate what they're saying.

5. Pop-Tarts are the breakfast of (American) champions.

6. In America, family always comes first.

7. (Though they DON'T want to turn into their mothers!)

8. And Friday Night Dinner is a sacred family event that can never be missed.

9. Americans have a LOT of festivals.

10. (Like, a lot.)

11. They commit HARD to Thanksgiving.

12. They get pretty intense about their college choices.

13. In fact, Americans are known for getting a little dramatic at times.

14. And some Americans are just...dreamy.

Americans be cray.

What kooky thing will Gilmore girls teach you next? Catch Gilmore girls: A Year in the Life now streaming only on Netflix and find out!

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