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Definitive Ranking Of Everyone We'd Make Out With At Camp Firewood

Still haven't reached your summer makeout goal yet? There's still time — watch Wet Hot American Summer: First Day of Camp now streaming on Netflix.

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20. Gerald "Coop" Cooperberg played by Michael Showalter

He's a total romantic, and he's a great guy, but, ugh, there are so many mouths to kiss, and he's just such a good friend, and you'd never want to jeopardize that.

1. Andy played by Paul Rudd

OK, he's the epitome of teenage dirtbag, and he's not the *nicest* guy, but this isn't the "Definitive Ranking of People We'd Marry at Camp Firewood" — this is a makeout list, so what did you expect?

All images provided by Netflix.