The ABCs Of Aziz Ansari

Think you know Aziz? You’ll know him a little bit better after this post. Catch up with Aziz on his all-new special Buried Alive, available now on Netflix.

1. A is for Arnold

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In 2012, Arnold Schwarzenegger held a contest to promote his new book in which the winner would have his or her outgoing voicemail recorded by the actor/governor. Aziz tweeted at him several times asking to participate until finally Arnold responded.



Vote: should @azizansari get a v-mail? I think Kindergarten Cop and T2 could be a fantastic combo.

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3. B is for Bennettsville

The small South Carolina town where Aziz grew up!

4. C is for Cousins

Anyone who follows Aziz’s stand-up knows he loves to talk about his hilarious cousins Harris and Darwish (see above).

5. D is for David Chang

Aziz shared his love of great food all over the world with famous chef David Chang — once in Tokyo with James Murphy for a GQ story and once in Montreal for Chang’s PBS show Mind of a Chef.

6. E is for Emoji Movie

On a recent appearance on Comedy Bang! Bang!, Aziz discussed making a movie based entirely on emojis — specifically, the lady in the red dress.

7. F is for Five Dollars — the price of his last comedy special

Following Louis C.K.’s lead, Aziz sold his last comedy special on his website for just $5. You can get his newest special for even cheaper, on Netflix!

9. H is for Haberdasher

NBC / Parks and Recreation /

Aziz is known for always dressing sharp. He’s even said that if he weren’t a comedian, he’d work in suits — hence, he’d be a haberdasher!

10. I is for Illuminati

Illuminati donuts - delicious, promote weight loss, & increase cognitive learning. #IlluminatiMtgLiveTweet

— Aziz Ansari (@azizansari)

Aziz Ansari


Illuminati donuts - delicious, promote weight loss, & increase cognitive learning. #IlluminatiMtgLiveTweet

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11. J is for Jagged Edge

Their song “Where the Party At” is one of Aziz’s favorite R&B anthems. #UHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOH.

12. K is for Katt Williams

In a 2010 interview with the New York Times, Aziz cited Katt Williams and his energetic performances as a source of inspiration for his character “Randy.”

13. L is for Love

Aziz loves to talk about love, so much so that he is reportedly penning a book on the topic.

14. M is for Martinelli's

MARTINELLI'S APPLE JUICE. #WasNOTPaidtoTweetThat #JustDrankaMartinellis #ItWasDelicious #NotSayingImOpposedtoGettingFreeMartinellisThough

— Aziz Ansari (@azizansari)

Aziz Ansari


MARTINELLI’S APPLE JUICE. #WasNOTPaidtoTweetThat #JustDrankaMartinellis #ItWasDelicious #NotSayingImOpposedtoGettingFreeMartinellisThough

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15. N is for the oh-No-Nos List

One of Aziz’s most memorable and quotable bits on NBC’s Parks and Recreation is his “Oh-No-Nos” — aka, his deal breakers. These include not loving ’90s R&B and not knowing enough about sheets’ thread counts.

16. O is for Otis

The name of the Jay-Z and Kanye music video that Aziz appears in. Nice!

17. P is for President Obama

C-Span /

At a 2012 fundraiser in New York City, President Obama spoke about how much his oldest daughter loves Aziz. He then proceeded to mock his Twitter follower count — ouch.

18. Q is for Quesadilla

Katherine Lim / (CC BY http://2.0) / Via Flickr: ultrakml

If there’s something Aziz knows a lot about, it’s food. He’s been known to indulge in a few post-party quesadillas, which he talked about during his appearance on the Late Show with David Letterman.

19. R is for R. Kelly

Needless to say, Aziz is a huge R. Kelly fan. No one can forget the “Who can top that sh*t” bit Aziz did about R. Kelly’s amazing performance style.

20. S is for Swagger


21. T is for Twilight

In arguably one of the best uses of Twitter ever, Aziz once decided to embark on a journey to hilarity with his followers by watching Twilight and live-tweeting the entire experience.

22. U is for Upright Citizens Brigade

Like many great comedians before and since him, Aziz first cut his teeth in the world of comedy by training and performing at New York’s Upright Citizens Brigade theatre.

23. V is for Voice-Over

Astrid Stawiarz / Stringer / Getty Images

Aziz’s growing resumé of voice-over work includes Bob’s Burgers, Ice Age and The Venture Bros.

24. W is for Work in Progress

Work in Progress is the name Aziz has given to his small-venue shows that he uses to test his new material. Tickets to the shows are always inexpensive and given out via a lottery system.

25. X is for Xenophobe

Flight of the Conchords /

OK, fine, this one is a stretch. But Aziz did play Sinjay, a xenophobic fruit merchant in Flight of the Conchords way back in 2007.

26. Y is for Yo Self — as in, treat yo self

NBC / Parks and Recreation/

But never in public.

27. Z is for 'Zerts

Short for “desserts” and the logical partner to “apps,” “‘zerts” is one of the many hilarious abbreviations Aziz recites in his beloved “Tom Haverfoods” bit.

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