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10 Things You Learn When Looking At Your Significant Other's Netflix Profile

God bless technology. Taking a peek at your sweetie's Netflix profile may reveal more about them than you would expect.

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1. When they've had a bad day and need a tragically funny pity party.

Louis C.K. is seriously funny. Watch his series, Louie, or his stand-up for some extreme hilarity and perhaps a little depression...

2. When she's got a bun in the oven.

Paramount Pictures / Everett Collection

Rosemary's Baby is a dead ringer for what to expect when you're expecting. Watch out for this one in their list! Someone might just be preggers...

3. When they're dying for a vacation.

Seeing 2 Days in Paris on their profile means someone may need a vacation! Why not book a sweetheart's trip to Paris just like Marion and Jack? Just try not to argue as much as they did or you might be coming back home alone!

4. When they're caught up in some scandalous drama.

Craig Sjodin / ABC / Getty Images

Scandal's Olivia Pope is a fixer. Whether you're caught in an affair with the president or you've killed a man, she can get you out of whatever horrible mess you're in. So the only question now is what exactly has your partner been up to all these late nights?

5. When they're missing you.

Paramount Vantage / Everett Collection

If the loud wails and boxes of Kleenex weren't enough, seeing Like Crazy in the viewing history will definitely tell you that they've been missing you.

6. When she's ready for you to pop the question.

Say Yes to the Dress / TLC

If you see this one, you know what's up. There's only one reason to watch Say Yes to the Dress: she's ready. You better propose before she finds some other schmuck!

7. When they just wanna feel like a kid again.

Walt Disney Pictures / Everett Collection

Disney movies, especially Hercules, are synonymous with childhood. Watch out for this one on the list, because they may be feeling a tad bit nostalgic.

8. When they're considering reviving their modeling career.

If you see Zoolander in their list, BEWARE! They may be at high risk for getting back into modeling and thusly are significantly more prone to attempt the assassination of prime ministers. But if they do succeed, they'll tell you it totally wasn't their fault... just like forgetting to wash the dishes (AGAIN) wasn't their fault either.

9. When they might just be a secret agent.

Columbia Pictures / Everett Collection

You never know what could be going on if they're watching the latest installment in the James Bond franchise, Skyfall. Your significant other could just be a harmless viewer, but chances are they're a highly trained operative with a license to kill. So you better watch yourself!

10. When they're feeling frisky.

Paramount / Everett Collection

Indecent Proposal is a taut, sexy thriller and seeing this in their Recently Watched list only means one thing: Is it hot in here or is it just you? ;-)