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15 Movies That Make Us Want To Move Far Away

Need a change of pace? Feed your burning wanderlust by browsing these scenic movies on Netflix. You want to go to there.

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1. Into the Wild —> Alaska

Cooped up, overprivileged, and generally reckless? The most dangerous depths of the American wilderness are just for you. You might even find Kristen Stewart and her puppy!

Must-dos: Sunset watching, philosophizing, not eating berries

2. Lost in Translation —> Tokyo

It's said that to show respect in Japan you should soften your voice and honor the personal space of others. But if you find a fellow American in your midst, the rules are a little... looser.

Must-dos: Karaoke, looking out the window, work (ugh!)

3. Braveheart —> Scotland

A lot has changed in Scotland in the last 700 years, but not much has changed about how PRETTY it looks. If you have any thirst for anarchy, go where the grass is greener (and a little bloodier).

Must-dos: Riding horses in the rain, kilts, finding yourself

4. Brokeback Mountain —> Wyoming

Need a little space? Get yourself to Wyoming where there are only six people per square mile. As long as none of them know about your little affair, you'll be living blissfully!

Must-dos: Breathing in the fresh air, mumbling, experimentation

5. Y Tu Mamá También —> ¡México!

¡Vámonos! Hot bodies on secluded beaches make Mexico look goooooood.

Must-dos: Hook up, hook up, try a different way of hooking up

6. Love Actually —> London

Every American fantasizes to move across the pond at some point or another, but few ever have the nerve. Let love be the reason, actually.

Must-dos: Love, make posters about love, confess love, go to pubs

8. In Bruges —> Bruges

Those who don't see the beauty in Bruges are just not looking hard enough. There's no better place to start over than Belgium's very own "Venice of the North."

Must-dos: Go to the Groeningemuseum, fight in a bar, try fitting into the Belfry of Bruges

9. High School Musical 2 —> Albuquerque

Get yourself down to New Mexico, and you'll find a wealth of things to sing about. Spend some time at your local country club and be sure to tip well — the kids are working hard.

Must-dos: Play basketball, do theatre, throw lanterns, feel new feelings

10. There Will Be Blood —> Southern California

You don't have to say a word for the first 20 minutes of your time in California's fictional "Little Boston." It can all be experienced without dialogue.

Must-dos: Brew coffee, use Mother Earth's gifts to enrich your day, find your bowling pin

11. The Motorcycle Diaries —> South America

If you're going to do South America, you'll have to scout out the whole thing — preferably on one bike.

Must-dos: Swim across rivers, write love letters, become a world-famous historical figure

12. Lars and the Real Girl —> Wisconsin

If you're looking for a supportive community that can handle all your little quirks, pack your bags and get to Wisconsin immediately. They seem to be very open-minded.

Must-dos: Churchgoing, grocery shopping, churchgoing, church

13. My Week with Marilyn —> Windsor, U.K.

Hang around the right people long enough, and you might get invited to a weekend in this gorgeous English countryside.

Must-dos: Run through a meadow, swim naked, date worldwide icon of beauty

14. Manhattan —> Manhattan

Set the mood with Gershwin's "Rhapsody in Blue" and write your love letter to the big city. You gotta do New York once, right?

Must-dos: Hit up the MoMA, write, date out of your age range