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These GIF's Will Make Anyone With A BFF Say, "Us"

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1. When you see your BFF start getting their things together from the other side of the party:

2. When your BFF is the only person you trust to vet every single person in your life:

3. You might be a little too close with each other's families.

4. You totally put up with them always trying to take the WORST pics of you.

5. You go to the greatest lengths to help each other prepare for dates.

6. And you are there for them when they complain about the date you told them not to go on.

7. Let's just say you're a little overprotective of each other.

8. When your BFF justifies a questionable fashion choice with a compliment they got once:

9. Two hours after you asked your BFF "How do I look?" and they proceeded to critique all of your life choices:

10. You know just what to say when they are going through a tough time:

11. But at the end of the day you know you can't live without each other.

All images courtesy of Netflix.

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