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14 Films And Series You Should Add To Your List To Look Smarter

We've all done it before. Add these eclectic masterpieces to your Netflix streaming list and get ready to impress everyone you know.

1. For those interested in alternative sports.

Wow your friends by name-dropping the Academy Award-winning documentary, Man On Wire, in every conversation. It'll make them think, Wow, this guy must really know lots about lots.

2. Parlez-vous français?

3. "A show way before its time."

Tell your friends how much you love David Lynch's primetime effort Twin Peaks, and be sure to express how peeved you were when it was cancelled too soon.

4. "You had me at 'sushi.'"

5. Anything from National Geographic.

6. For those interested in real beauty.

7. For the "true" art enthusiast.

Banksy, Banksy, Banksy. Need we say more? The 2008 film Exit Through the Gift Shop explores street art and poses the question, "What does it mean to be an authentic artist?" Watch, and then you'll know.

8. "The original was way better."

9. For the environmentalist in us all.

10. "Frances so totally gets me."

The title character Frances of Frances Ha is just like you: a young, independent person living in a world of possibilities, looking only to make real connections with real people. The 2012 film about unoccupied twentysomethings says "Yeah, I'm 27. No, I don't have it together" better than any other. Show your friends it's okay to be in your late 20s and still just sort of figuring it out.

11. When you need a little help in the chemistry lab.

12. That's so "Kafkaesque."

Orson Wells' adaptation of Franz Kafka's classic novel, The Trial, may just be the most important collaboration of the 20th century. Show her nothing gets you going more than random arrests for unknown crimes by having this classic in your list.

13. Lost in Translation.

14. If you're artsy and you know it...

Show your friends that you're artsy, but at least you own it. Portlandia is the quintessential hyper-self-aware comedy about what it meant to be "on-trend" in the '90s. Put this one in your list to let everyone know that despite your un-ironic interest in indie bands and ethical treatment of chickens, you still know how to keep it real.