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11 Ways To Approach The Holidays According To "Arrested Development"

It's important to be with the ones you love during the holidays — even if they drive you crazy. Get festive with the Bluths, only on Netflix.

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3. Tell everyone about your exciting new career.

Imagine Television / Arrested Development / Via Netflix

You're finally doing something you love, and you might be the only one in your family with an actual job right now. Be proud!

7. Make awkward small talk with your cousin.

Imagine Television / Arrested Devlopment / Via Netflix

You could chat about school or how nuts your family is, but never, ever address that one time you made out.

8. Realize you made a huge mistake in thinking the day would go smoothly.

Imagine Television / Arrested Development / Via Netflix

Cheer up, champ. You're related to a bunch of weirdos — something strange was bound to happen.