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10 Christmas Dishes Inspired By Your Favorite Holiday Movies

Nothing tastes better than Christmas. Some of our favorite flavors only happen during the holidays, so be sure to enjoy these awesome recipes with your favorite people. And afterwards, maybe huddle around some eggnog and a Netflix Christmas special to round things out!

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1. Banoffee Pie - Love Actually

OK, so this one sounds a little strange, but when you think about it, what's not to like? Banana, toffee, along with whipped cream over a crumbled cookie crust... it'll be hard not to fall in love.

Might as well just cook a batch of snake and spider stew! Looks a little eerie, but this tomato-y treat will definitely not cause any "nightmares" at the holiday dinner table.

Even if you weren't able to find the last-minute Christmas present you shopped all over town for, these chocolate- or coconut-covered treats will bring the smile back to anyone's face.

This holiday-themed chicken marsala is the perfect family dish for gathering around while the adventures of Charlie and Snoopy play in the background.

Be sure to bring a batch of these any time you venture out to spread a little Christmas cheer in the neighborhood — all you'll want for Christmas is more of these pretty cookies.

10. Puppy Chow - Santa Buddies

Who doesn't like puppy chow? It's sweet, it's simple, and you can make so much of it at a time. The masses will love you forever.

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