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10 Off The Chart Songs To Get Busy To

So you're ready to get down. But the radio's overplayed and you've heard this same song at least five times already. Don't sweat it! Here's a few tunes to put some "Unf" back in the bedroom.

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Ok yeah, sure - it's a cliche. Dim the lights. Set up some candles. The mood is different for everyone but if you're a guy like me? Different is the name of the game.

So kick up your heels and grab your Spotify: it's time to spice things up.

Moonlight Predators by Goldcheaper

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An electric vibe: this is something you'd probably hear in a club somewhere. With a dash of danger, a hint of want, and a spoonful of imagery straight out of Blade Runner, this one'll sure surprise whoever you've invited over for the night.

Stockholm Syndrome by Nostalghia

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Ever had someone you just couldn't get out of your head? Nostalghia's Stockholm Syndrome is a perfect mix of haunting and desire. It's as unique as it is breathless. Certainly a melody to them guessing as to where you're heading next.

Ex Machina by Vaski

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Ok, let's cut right to the chase. Vaski holds no bars when it comes to this tune. It's tantalizing and sharp; blunt and raw. Consider adding it to a roleplay fantasy you may have wanted to try out and let the good times roll.

Greasy Love by Findlay

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Screw the club, I'm hittin' the bar. Whatever Findlay's doing in this jam, they're definitely doing it right. The pace is upbeat, fast, and as loud as heartbeat on an adrenaline rush. If you and yours like to take life by the horns and own it? This one's for you.

Delirious by Susanne Sundfør

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Maybe you should get a safety net. The tone of Susanne Sundfør's voice is like that bad habit you promised to give up, but it keeps calling you back, back, back. Definitely worth a listen to and a vibe to perk anyone's interest.

Parenthesis by Tricky

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No matter what track you're listening to off their album False Idols, Tricky will take you on a trip. From old-time classics spun to a different beat to Parenthesis , you'll feel like you're between two worlds: where the steam of a midnight street catches in the window and brake lights reflect like the stars you once forgot.

Benzolovers by Liar

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"Gotcha." Liar came to me by accident, but boy, do I not regret it. Most of their songs are like listening to pieces of a conversation muted through a soundtrack; its disjointed, but satisfying.

A Little Bit Closer (Do I Make You Uneasy Mix) by Johnny Hollow and Squid Lid

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Sick of vanilla? Look no further than Johnny Hollow. If you're the type that's into the shadier side of things, if you're someone who enjoys monsters and devils alike, then I would slap this one your playlist as fast as you possibly can. It's like listening to a siren, coaxing you near. And c'mon, won't you come just a little bit closer?

Shotgun by Slow Sugar

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Click, click, boom. A power song with great vocals and a perfect match of soft and loud, Slow Sugar's Shotgun is a fantastic single with a lot of energy in its punch.

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And there it is folks. So get out there, have some fun, switch things up a bit. What's stopping you, anyway? Life's too short and if you're in good company, give it a whirl. Just make sure you and yours are safe, responsible, and always, always, listen to what your partner(s) have to say. The experience might surprise both of you.

- Tony AKA That Damn Monster

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