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15 Tips To Building An Awesome Sandcastle This Summer

It's not really summer if you don't build sandcastles on the beach! Here are some tricks to making an epic work of art, and celebrate your achievement with a refreshing NESTEA®.

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4. Cut out the bottom of one of your buckets:

heatherdelv / Via

This is what the pros do: they cut out the bottom of the bucket so the suction of the container doesn't get in the way of building the masterpiece.

6. Get to work on building your base:

dsearls / Via Flickr: docsearls

The best sandcastles are methodically planned — so make a sketch of what you want to achieve, and don't neglect the foundation of your soon-to-be beautiful monument.

8. Decide if you're a moat person or not:

katiemariewood / Via

Some people say moats give the structure a longer life (because if water hits it, it has some place to go), but others say water only weakens the base of the castle. Which team are YOU on?