19 Things Every Garden Party Should Have

It’s time you turned “the space behind the house” into party central. Here are some tools to help you throw the fiesta of the century. And once you’ve pulled it off, reward your efforts with a refreshing NESTEA®.

1. Streamers from trees

heretic90 / Via instagram.com

It’s important you give people an idea of what they’re in for.

2. Pillow fights

laura_carruthers / Via instagram.com

Pillow fights don’t belong in the bedroom, where no one can fawn over the victor!

3. Fancy furnishings

suuuperjane / Via instagram.com

How else are you gonna class up the joint?

4. Polaroid cameras (or disposables)

anitapputri / Via instagram.com

Crowdsource your guests! By the end of the night, you’ll have awesome shots from so many perspectives.

5. A tug o’ war tournament

janeketley / Via instagram.com

Only one team will win and reap the rewards you have chosen beforehand!

6. A tattoo station

msrizzzy / Via instagram.com

They’re like party favors you can take in the shower!

7. A dunking booth

busterskull00 / Via instagram.com

It’s so much easier than renting a pool.

8. Cotton candy

spectacularfoodposts / Via instagram.com

For the ultimate carnival experience!

9. An area for a water balloon fight

kaitlyn_irene_ / Via instagram.com

It’s like tag, but with rubber!

10. Croquet

jannek / Via instagram.com

If no one knows the rules, just pose with the sticks.

11. Tire swings

fabfabs09 / Via instagram.com

A great way to bond is by sitting on something that used to be attached to an automobile.

12. A “make your own sundae” station

brenda001 / Via instagram.com

This is one line no one will mind waiting in.

13. Waterguns

joe_denman / Via instagram.com

A little competition never hurt anyone!

14. A piñata

valeflores15 / Via instagram.com

So festive!

15. A kissing booth

prudencesmg_ / Via instagram.com

For when you enter the “touchy feely” portion of the evening.

16. A caricaturist

becky_mueller1 / Via instagram.com

Art students need to make money so they can buy those really expensive and special pencils, you know!

17. Something that glows in the dark

veronicaparkas / Via instagram.com

Just because the sun has somewhere else to be doesn’t mean your guests do!

18. Sparklers

kayroth / Via instagram.com

Use responsibly.

19. Lanterns

shanygore / Via instagram.com

These are typically used to make wishes, and so by the end of your awesome party, it’s only fair you give your guests a chance to wish you could quit your job and just throw garden parties.

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