The 24 Dos And Don’ts Of Underwater Selfies

Just when we thought the selfie was nearing retirement, underwater selfies came along to refresh the concept, and boy are they … interesting. Read our Do’s and Don’ts to keep your selfies cool like refreshing NESTEA®.

1. Do flash the peace sign.

Alexander Shelnutt / Via Twitter: @alexshelnutt

Because you love when everyone gets along.

2. Like this.

кαтнєяιηє мαяѕнαℓℓ / Via Twitter: @k_drake33

3. And like this girl.

Allie Novak / Via Twitter: @novak_allie

4. Don't blow bubbles.

Nathan Yoder / Via Twitter: @LeaveItToYoda

He looks like he’s in a bubble storm, category 5.

5. Bubbles = nope.

Artur Hofer / Via

6. Just don't do it.

Amy Evers / Via Twitter: @looksbyamy

7. Do stick your tongue out.

Abby Keefe / Via

So casual and fun.

8. Like that.

Belle Makarasen / Via

9. Don't wear sunglasses.

rishibravo / Via

Why do you need these?

10. Unnecessary.

Philip Zicarelli / Via

11. Do pose with a friend.

Blake Cook / Via

You’re much less weird this way.

12. Underwater buddies!

Maria Ramona / Via

13. Just hangin' out!

marysia7888 / Via

14. BFFS forever.

scottyscottc / Via

15. Don't wear goggles.

annika munson / Via Twitter: @annikabelle

Yes, goggles are good for eyes but they make you look confused.

16. He's like, "Huh?"

paulo garcia / Via Twitter: @iampaulogarcia

17. Exhibit A

Emily Padesky / Via Twitter: @emilypadesky

18. Not a good look.

Usman Shamlan / Via

19. Do look candid.

“Pfft, underwater selfie. Whatever. NBD.”

20. He's so indifferent to this selfie.

Saif Hany / Via

21. Don't puff out your cheeks.

•Tahya Carter-Booth• / Via Twitter: @dancingfeet26

You really don’t have to try this hard to hold your breath.

22. Easy, now.

Steph Quaife / Via

23. Do look happy.

Jessa Albacite / Via

Because underwater selfies are so fun!!!

24. Yay!!

Eina Arya / Via

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