13 Reasons It’s Okay To Be Happy About The Fall

We’re done with the blistering heat, the sweaty shirts, and the sunburn. Time for cinnamon, fresh autumn air, and pumpkins! It’s okay to be happy about fall—it’s just as refreshing as NESTEA®.

1. We love seeing the bursts of orange!

tiffany milsom / Via Twitter: @tiffanymilsom

2. And we love putting pumpkin spice on everything.

Ashley MacKinnon MacKinnon / Via Flickr: 42395711@N06

So so good.

3. We’ve missed the smell of the fall leaves.

cseowtung / Via instagram.com

4. …And the nostalgia of playing in them.

jackiegrayson / Via instagram.com

5. We’re very excited for Halloween!

andricaste / Via instagram.com

And the trick-or-treating and parties, of course!!

6. It’s finally football season!

Ryan Clarke / Via instagram.com

Doesn’t matter if it’s high school football, college football, or the pros, nothing is better than bundling up, eating nachos, and watching the game.

7. We’re stoked for the pumpkin patches!

Cavan Images / Getty Images

8. And, of course, the jack-o’-lanterns!

William Warby / Via Flickr: 26782864@N00

Here are some tips for making yours great!

9. The first frost means goodbye sweltering heat!

jenny downing / Via Flickr: 7941044@N06

10. And hello sweater season!

Stephen Simpson / Getty Images

11. We also can’t wait for the corn mazes.

Kelly Floyd / Via instagram.com

12. Or the apple picking!

Nicole Dana / Via Twitter: @paper_roo

13. (Which really just means apple tossing.)

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