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21 Extravagant Fountains From Around The World

Who would have guessed that a fountain could be so enchanting? New destination points, perhaps? Quench your thirst and refresh your senses with these beautiful fountains and NESTEA®.

1. Burj Khalifa Lake Fountain - Dubai

Chris Mellor / Via

2. Fountains At Eiffel Tower - Paris, France

BERTRAND GUAY / Getty Images

3. The Merlion Fountain - Marina Bay, Singapore

wsboon images / Via

4. Fountain at The Museum of Islamic Art - Doha, Qatar

Buena Vista Images / Via

5. Fountain at Arthur Ashe Stadium - Queens, New York

Jamie Squire / Getty Images

6. Buckingham Fountain - Chicago, Illinois

Cavan Images / Via

7. Fountain Show - Shanghai, China

mizulys / Getty Images

8. Fountains in the modern shopping centre - Port El Kantaoui, Sousse Tunisia

ahisgett / Via Flickr: hisgett

9. Fountain at Millennium Square - Leeds, West Yorkshire, England

Neil T / Via Flickr: neilt

10. Fountain at the WWII memorial - Washington, D.C.

Christian Science Monitor / Getty Images

11. Fountain at Tomorrowland at Tokyo Disneyland - Tokyo, Japan

Sam Howzit / Via Flickr: aloha75

12. Fountains on south side of John Ferraro Building - Los Angeles, California

ConstructionDealMkting / Via Flickr: constructiondeal_marketing

13. The Venetian Resort Hotel Casino Fountain - Las Vegas, NV

Johnathan Lobel / Via Flickr: boutmuet

14. Fountain in front of Minsk Opera Theater - Minsk, Belarus

Sergey Stoma / Via Flickr: qiller

15. Magic Fountain - Barcelona, Spain

Miquel Benitez / Via

16. A downtown fountain - Louisville, Kentucky

silicon640c / Via Flickr: silicon640c

17. Seattle Center Fountain - Seattle, Washington

mikelehen / Via Flickr: mikelehen

18. Water Fountain in Wilson Park - Florence, Alabama

KE4SFQ / Via Flickr: kevcyn

19. Ira's Fountain at Keller Fountain Park - Portland, Oregon

Phillie Casablanca / Via Flickr: philliecasablanca

20. Parque de la Reserva - Lima, Peru

AFP / Getty Images

21. Fountain Park - Warsaw, Poland