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20 Babies Who Just Discovered The Ocean

These babies just found out what it means to be "refreshed." But swimming in the ocean isn't the only way to keep cool this summer – you can also enjoy a crisp NESTEA®.

1. Many things can happen when a baby visits the ocean for the first time

2. At first, they may look to their parents for guidance about how they're supposed to feel:

3. Or they'll ignore everyone and focus on the sheer size of it:

4. Then there's usually some giggling because LOL WUT?

5. Or bouts of extreme laughter:

6. And pure shock that something like the ocean exists and they didn't know about it until now:


8. Then the time comes for their first soak:

9. It can be pretty confusing:

10. And maybe a little unpleasant because mom doesn't get to control the temperature of the water:

11. But most of the time, that first toe dip is the first miracle they witness:

12. And it's like "hahahhaah! The ocean is even more awesome than this great shirt I have on!"

13. "I don't even care that I have to wear this dumb thing around my body! Give me more ocean!"

14. They may encounter something scary that briefly makes them NOT like the ocean...

15. But once the scary thing is removed from sight, babies are usually willing to give the ocean another shot:

16. And from there on out, everything goes according to plan:


18. "No YOU are!"

19. By the end of the day, they've usually taken complete ownership of it:

20. And then they celebrate the beginning of a beautiful friendship with whoever they can find: