16 Refreshing GIFs To Help You Forget About Your Sunburn

So your skin is on fire and you’re miserable and you only have peeling to look forward to, but there’s hope yet! Quench your thirst and refresh your senses with NESTEA® and these relaxing GIFs.

1. Oh! Snow! You’d feel great on our backs right now.

2. Ahhh, just a gentle breeze that won’t toast your epidermis.

3. Isn’t burble the best word?

4. Hello glittery water droplets. We love you.

5. So fluid and nothing like sunburn.

6. Wait — is this Heaven? It is, right?

7. Just a gentle sprinkle of ice, so much better than a sprinkle of UV Rays.

8. Nothing like a dark, rainy night to heal our swollen skin.

9. Our sentiments exactly.

10. Yes, please.

11. Solar explosions don’t even compare to windy petal explosions.

12. This guy knows what’s up.

13. Ignore the alligators, this is good.

14. On that horizon is a chance at a suntan.

15. You can’t burn what’s already glowing.

16. Fly away and take our pain with you.

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