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15 Of The Most Epic Water Slides In The World

It's not really summer until you've taken the plunge down a water slide—or more specifically, one of the most epic water slides in the world. You should probably do just that, then quench your thirst and refresh your senses with Nestea.

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1. Scorpion's Tail — Noah's Ark Water Park, Madison, WI / Via

At 10 stories high and 400 feet long, this ride boasts one of the biggest drops in the world. Good news is, if you wet yourself no one will know!

2. "Freedom" Cruise Ship Water Slide — Civitavecchia, Italy

Bloomberg/ / Getty Images

What could possibly be more fun than riding a 214 foot water slide ON TOP OF A CRUISE SHIP?

3. The Triple Twist — Great Wolf Lodge, Mason, OH / Via

This water slide seems like your typical winding, twisty water slide by day, but it turns into an insane LED light experience at night.

4. Kamikaze Slide — Waterworld, Aiya Napa, Cyprus

Hannes Magerstaedt / Getty Images

Goers of Waterworld in Aiya Napa, Cyprus consider it a feat of bravery to go down this slide. Well duh.

5. Hydro Luge — Lagoon Amusement Park, Farmington, UT

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The coolest thing about this ride is that you can experience it in blue translucent light OR in the PITCH BLACK darkness. Ahhh-mazing.

7. Water Cube Slide — National Aquatics Center, Beijing, China

AFP/Stringer / Getty Images

Yes, this is in fact a water slide inside of the amazing Water Cube built for the Beijing Olympics. It doesn't really get more epic.

8. The Double Barrel Drop — The Great Wolf Lodge, Poconos, PA


This slide shoots you and a friend into a vortex where you slide through insane loops together, before splitting up and shooting through another vortex. Woah.

10. Giraffica — Splashin' Safari, Santa Clause, IN

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We think this huge drop speaks for itself.

11. Tropical Islands Indoor Water Slide — Krausnick, Germany


This incredible slide is inside a giant bubble, which is a replica of an amazing paradise in the middle of freezing cold Germany. Um, amazing?

12. The Quest of Hercules — Waterworld, Ayia Napa, Cyprus

Hannes Magerstaedt / Getty Images

This slide is known for people shooting out of it at unbelievable speeds. Oh, good!

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