14 Things To Do Before Summer Ends

Summer always flies by, and it’s important you make the most of every minute. Here are some experiences you simply must have before fall arrives. But until then, stay hydrated and refreshed by enjoying the many flavors of NESTEA®.

1. Grant someone permission to "come aboard"

samanthaguedes / Via instagram.com

2. Practice your driving

suchahappyplace / Via instagram.com

3. Partake in a human pyramid

mmccoy33 / Via instagram.com

4. Master the art of tie-dye

courtskitch / Via instagram.com

5. Go blackberry picking

nimishgogri / Via Flickr: gogri

6. Play in a public fountain

Oli Scarff / Getty

7. Ride in a hot air balloon

alwyncooper / Via Flickr: alwyncooper

8. Cook a lobster dinner for your friends

wei_ling24 / Via instagram.com

9. Do "the wave" in a stadium at dusk

10. Or at a movie in the park

acnatta / Via Flickr: acnatta

11. Get a hot lifeguard's number

laurennx17 / Via instagram.com

12. Learn that all the scary stories you know have the same ending

michelle_diab / Via instagram.com

13. Give food on sticks a chance

ishopinoc / Via instagram.com

14. Jump off a dock with your best friends

haleyspell78 / Via instagram.com

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