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12 Summer Holidays You've Never Heard Of

You might think that summer is only about BBQs, pools and the 4th of July, but you would be wrong! Here are 12 glorious holidays to help keep you in the partying mood, and celebrate and stay refreshed with NESTEA®.

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1. International Joke Day: July 1st

Feeling My Age / Via Flickr: feelingmyage

Finally, a day when you don't have to take anything seriously and can tell really awful jokes that on most days would get you in trouble. Today it's a requirement.

3. Juggler's Day: July 16th

mnemophobe / Via Flickr: mnemophobe

Warning: Only attempt the celebration of this day if you're actually good at juggling. No one wants you dropping their fruit and breaking their stuff.

4. Tug O' War Day: July 21st

joshwept / Via Flickr: joshwept

Get out all that frustation and and show off your big muscles with some tug o'war, preferably on the beach. You'll get tan and strong, and can collapse on the sand afterward.

5. Friendship Day: The first Sunday in August

Hannah Kirchner / Via

Friendship Day is basically just a party. It's an opportunity to reconnect with your childhood best friend, OR make new friendships!

6. National Watermelon Day: August 3rd

michpauk / Via

Eat it, toss it, run with it tucked into your shirt—Watermelon Day exists to celebrate the many sides of watermelon. All of which are super fun.

7. Wiggle Your Toes Day: August 6th

kaitlinharte / Via

When's the last time you really paid attention to your toes? On August 6th, move those toes around, let them see the light of day. Give your toes the love they crave all year long.

8. National Lighthouse Day: August 7th

Grey / Via

This day is a beacon for beacons. Let's not take these guys for granted; lighthouses are historically pretty awesome. They keep sailors safe and they look really cool. Climb to the top of one on August 7th and feel important.

9. Sneak Some Zucchini Onto Your Neighbor's Porch Day: August 8th

Kim Wheedleton / Via

So apparently zucchini season always results in an abundance of zucchini, which means you have all this extra zucchini you can use to prank your neighbors!

10. Ride The Wind Day: August 23rd

nelson_sanchez / Via

A.K.A., chill out. Let go of your anxieties and "fly" by the seat of your pants! This day also commemorates the beginning of the end of summer (which has "flown" by).

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