10 Outdoor Adventures To Have This Fall

What’s a proper autumn without pumpkin patches, scenic drives, and apple picking?! Check out these must-see fall festivals and destinations to refresh your senses, like thirst-quenching NESTEA®.

1. Become a blueberry at the Marshall County Blueberry Festival.

fairspirit4 / Via instagram.com

In early September in Plymouth, Indiana, the Marshall County Blueberry Festival is a chance to partake in all of your favorite festivities such as horseback riding, pancake eating, and pumpkin carving. And obviously there are tons of blueberries!!

2. Shuck some oysters at the Wellfleet OysterFest.

quimp33 / Via instagram.com

Suck down some delicious oysters in Wellfleet, Massachusetts on October 19 and 20 at the Wellfleet OysterFest. It’s prime oyster season!

3. Be afraid of the dark at the Headless Horseman in New York.

Consistently voted one of the best haunted houses in America, Headless Horseman Hayrides & Haunted Houses is a MUST for any true horror enthusiast. There are several haunted houses to walk through, such as “Glutton’s Slaughterhouse” and “The Root Cellar,” in addition to a mile-long hayride that’ll make you scream.

4. Hug someone at LovEvolution.

Lovers rejoice! LovEvolution is a “dance music parade and festival” in San Francisco that takes place in either late September or early October. Go to dance, get hugged, and have fun!

5. Eat giant pretzels at the Columbus Oktoberfest.

constant progression / Via Flickr: 49252563@N00

From September 27–29, hang out at the Columbus Oktoberfest in Columbus, Ohio for sausages, bright leaves, beer, and fun photo ops!

6. Go flying at the Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta.

Perhaps one of the most beautiful festivals in America, the Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta is all about beautiful balloons and gorgeous pictures—and also conquering your fear of heights.

7. Get down at a barn party.

Ty Nigh / Via Flickr: 49481946@N00

Hit up the Texas barn parties anytime between mid-October to mid-November to see the richest leaf colors… and the best bonfires.

8. Dance on Thomas Jefferson’s front lawn.

kgb___ / Via instagram.com

Check out Monticello in Charlottesville, Virginia anytime in October for beautiful foliage, mountain views, and the right to say you danced in TJ’s house.

9. Put apples on your head at Stribling Orchard.

Kumar McMillan / Via Flickr: 86812298@N00

Come here for the apples, stay for the scenery! Stribling Orchard in Markham, Virginia has got it all: mountain views, little wood cottages, big oak trees, and APPLES! Word on the street is that Stribling has some delicious freshly baked pies too. :D

10. Dress up at the Texas Renaissance Festival.

MarkScottAustinTX / Via Flickr: 57185608@N00

Happening in Houston, Texas starting in early October, the Texas Renaissance Festival, is a must-see fall favorite because there are swords, banana costumes, and funnel cakes. Score.

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