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11 Times Your Pets Didn't Care About You Or Your Rules Anymore

Be honest: You're not really the boss of your house. Get Dropcam by Nest to find out what your pet is actually up to.

1. When these two lovers decided to canoodle in your favorite blanket:

2. When this guy thought he could dance like no one was watching:

3. When this sneaky dog just barely pulled off the smooth greeting:

4. When these cats decided to help you unpack in a hurry:

5. When this fella decided it was time to take down the ol' Christmas tree:

6. When this puppy was jealous of all the attention the new couch was getting:

7. When this dog really, really wanted another cookie:

8. When this cat took "hanging out" in the kitchen to the next level...

9. ...or when this aspiring astronaut dog thought he could fly...

10. ...and this cat could fly:

11. And every time this puppy proved time-out is for suckaz:

Keep tabs on that adorable pet of yours with a Dropcam by Nest!

All images courtesy of Nest.