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10 Moments That Are Made Way Better With Music

Turn it up. Nescafé thinks music is life. Same.

1. When you use your favorite song as your alarm so you wake up like a boss.

2. Cleaning the house because you can dance while doing it.

3. When you're studying a really boring subject made less boring with a really good album.

4. Going to gigs on dates so you have music to talk about...

5. While you're jogging, so you can pretend you're in a movie montage.

6. Long car rides with your friends doing car karaoke.

7. When you're on the bus, so you don't have to listen to everyone's conversations.

8. Work life.

9. Cooking to a beat.

10. Catching up with friends.

Music makes everything better, but music and coffee? 👌

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